About Nicola


  • Professional tutor of Creative Writing
  • Diploma in Journalism

Works Published Include;

  • Leitrim Guardian Anthology 2017
  • Leitrim Guardian Anthology 2018 – Highly Recommended
  • Pieces of Mind Anthology 2017
  • Author of Under a Maltese Sky 2015
  • Author of The Azure Window 2017
  • Selection of Short Stories  for Woman’s Way Magazine 2012 – 2017
  • Book Reviewer for Dundalk FM Radio and Woman’s Way Magazine

I was born in Armagh, brought up in Dundalk and lived for periods in Germany, Dublin and Newry and finally settled in County Leitrim. I work part-time in Fenagh Heritage Centre and am a writer. My first novel ‘Under a Maltese Sky’ is set against the Siege of Malta in World War Two. A historical novel, it also includes a love affair spanning sixty decades, with the book beginning not long after the Irish Civil War. I am currently working on my second novel ‘The Azure Window’ which is also set in Malta, Ireland and England. This book follows the lives of three women, whose lives are intertwined in a story of how family secrets can have far-reaching consequences generations later. I also writes short stories and book reviews for Womans Way magazine and various radio stations.

In my publisher’s words: A fascination with finding out how ordinary people survive in extraordinary conditions combined with an interest in history led Nicola Kearns to write her first novel. A native of County Louth, Nicola has spent some time in Malta and now lives in Leitrim where she works in a heritage centre.

I have a huge interest in history and especially how ‘ordinary people survive in extraordinary conditions’ but not just during war-time. However, I think not one person who ever came to be on this planet has ever lived in a time, without ‘war-time’. I do have however a fascination with people in general, but particularly people for whom life one day got turned on its head. Be that by a sudden illness, death, break-up….. you know a day when it starts out perfectly normal then one single event, in one second, your life as you knew it turns on its head and is never the same again. How people cope in those sudden seconds of life changing events fascinates me and are things I often write about.