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My Review of Black Lake by Johanna Lane for Woman’s Way magazine March 2014
Give a brief synopsis of the plot, without giving the ending or any twists or turns away.

A family who each in their own personal way try to deal with huge upheavals and losses that take place in a short period of time, turning the life they have known upside down. The author intimately shows how each person’s actions and feelings towards their change in circumstance affects other family members, sometimes in disastrous and heartbreaking ways.

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Yes definitely

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I was surprised that I liked the book as the book’s description on the inside cover did not draw me. However I found myself becoming very involved with each character and feeling empathy with each one. The author cleverly and warmly makes you feel almost protective of each individual, even down to Francis the groundsman. I found I could not put this book down.

Shortlisted for The Irish Book Awards
Shortlisted for The Irish Book Awards

My Thoughts on ‘The Glass Shore’ by Sinead Gleeson
Feeling a wee bit sad as my relationship with my bedtime companion for the last few nights ‘The Glass Shore’ has ended. No more will I curl up with its beautiful purple cover and delve into a world of mystery, love, loss and enchantment. I feel an emptiness inside which can only be comforted by the knowledge that I have gone a bit silly on Amazon and various authors websites, buying up books by female writers whom up until now, I had never heard of. Not until Sinead Gleeson brought these talented and some unheard of, women writers together. Impossible to pick my favourite in this anthology, I do admit to a fondness for the last beautifully written magical story. Or perhaps, it’s because to me it is like the special love for your last child and I cling to the pleasure of what was my final memory of this wonderful book.

Nicola’s Review of ‘A Chaser on the Rocks’ by Simon Maltman href=””>
The literary world better watch out because there is a new crime writer in town and he is bloody good. Not making it easy on himself in his Debut Novel, Simon Maltman took the difficult stance of running two narratives alongside each other in this gritty thriller. Set primarily in Northern Ireland in present day we have Brian Caskey, the booze loving, pill-popping and straight-talking Private Investigator whose own private loss and personal struggles has turned him into the kind of P.I. nobody wants on their case. We also have Billy Chapman, circa 1940’s who is on the trail of a suspicious death. Not wanting to give this excellently written story away I will entice you by saying that I found this book difficult to put down. The plot is skilfully written, with twists and turns that keep you enthralled throughout, culminating in a conclusion which I dare anybody to say they predicted. Simon Maltman shoots from the hip. ‘A Chaser on the Rocks’ is a challenge for the faint hearted or those who like a flowery romantic story. His writing is splendidly vulgar at times, yet with the Northern Irish humour that somehow makes it forgive-able. Wonderfully descriptive, he has a fantastic gift of drawing the reader in, almost making you feel as if you are there, whether walking the streets of Belfast or having a drink in a Dublin bar. Minute details are cleverly illustrated which prove the author’s creative genius. Historically well researched, superb dialogue – this book is fast, it’s daring and I eagerly await his next.

Dundalk F.C. is way up there on my Fav list

Undoubtedly Ireland's best. Can you tell I am a Dundalk girl? :-)
Undoubtedly Ireland’s best. Can you tell I am a Dundalk girl? 🙂

I am very biased as he is my clever cousin but Simon Kearns is a bloody good writer.

Football books aren’t usually my thing but The Successful Coach by Marijan Hizak is a great read for everybody. Well written and uplifting it is a must for anybody in a leadership or coaching role, but also full of inspirational quotes that we could all do with whatever our walk in life. Well done to Maxi Mark Kavanagh and Marijan.

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